About Me

My name is Grace and my husband Finn had a stroke when he was 43 years old. He has been left with significant aphasia and some mild right sided weakness. He struggles to express himself using words – both verbal and written – but also struggles to understand what others are trying to say to him. As you can imagine the last 18 months have been a mix of highs and lows and I wanted to share our experience to both raise awareness of stroke in younger people and help those who might be going through the same thing. I know that for a long time all I wanted was to know that someone understood the way I felt. So, whatever brought you to this blog, thank you for taking the time to read. If there is anything you want to know about us or the stroke please get in touch!

More about us……

Finn and I were married in September 2016, just 10 months before his stroke. 2016 was a great year. We bought our new home that year too. We pushed ourselves a bit but Finn wanted it to be the last time he had to apply for a mortgage. This was going to be our forever house. Where we would raise children and grow old together. Before the stroke, Finn was working as a Consultant Radiologist at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. That was his identity and he lived to work. Helping to improve people’s lives. I am currently working as an operational manager in the same hospital however due to the competing pressures of work and home I am having to review my options.

Both of us used to love going to the gym. It was something we could do together before or after work where we weren’t just sat watching TV or doing something else where we didn’t talk to each other. We can’t get to the gym as much now but we do try and run and have started taking up yoga instead.

We are big foodies. We both love a good date night at a nice restaurant. It doesn’t happen as often these days but we still make sure to get out when we can. Remind ourselves that the old days haven’t completely disappeared.

Family is so important to us. Some of the best nights I can remember are being together as a family playing games and having a few drinks. Finn’s family live in the Bahamas and so it is difficult being so far away but my family love him to pieces. I swear they prefer him to me most of the time! It’s been so great having their support since the stroke.

I feel like I have given you a good idea of who we are as people and how our lives have changed since the stroke but if there is anything you want to know please reach out. I am more than happy to talk to people!